When Evelyn first started her practice in 1990, she created branding materials for businesses. When she was asked by family and friends to craft their resumes, she did. When they immediately received calls for interviews, she first chalked it up to being “lucky.” When that occurred time and again and became the norm, she realized it wasn’t luck at all. Their success was due to her applying the same methodology to writing and designing resumes as she was for businesses in creating their marketing materials—that is, selling their features, benefits, competitive edge, value proposition, and return on investment along with their matching achievements—in a designer resume format.

She imparts upon you in this Step-by-Step Resumes Book how to define and leverage your own unique brand and has put her resume-writing verbiage and methods into each of the scientific tools it contains so you can do the same to position yourself head and shoulders above your peers.

Her own brand characteristics of being visionary, scientific, creative / artistic, strategic, marketing savvy, comprehensive, detail-oriented, and organized is what helps her showcase her clients and readers so desirably to their target audience. (You will identify your own top 10 brand attributes in Step 3: Check Off Your Personal Attributes and Capabilities.)

Evelyn’s work in the career management field has been referred to as “revolutionary,” “groundbreaking,” “a labor of love,” and “I don’t know how I did without it” by her resume writer peers. Jobseekers refer to her books as “amazing,” “right-on,” and “very easy.” And clients state their resumes have helped them “realize their own worth,” made them feel “confident and empowered” in their job search and that human resource professionals have told them they had “the best resume” they had ever seen.

Evelyn attended New York Institute of Technology and started her career in banking where she progressed to Assistant Vice President in charge of bank policies and procedures, after which she worked for a top advertising agency as a Graphic Designer prior to starting her business. She is a member of The National Resume Writers’ Association and Career Directors International.

Evelyn’s creative talents encompass writing and editing, graphic design, fine art, and photography. Her Web Portfolio and resume are viewable at EvelynSalvador.com.

EVELYN U. SALVADOR, Certified Resume Writer and Career Coach, is a Personal Branding pioneer (since 1990) and the world’s leading, multiaward-winning resume product innovator who has helped revolutionize the resume writing industry.

She is the author of Step-by-Step Resumes: Build an Outstanding Resume in 10 Easy Steps! and Step-by-Step Cover Letters: Build a Cover Letter in 10 Easy Steps Using Personal Branding (JIST Publishing). She is also a contributing author to Interview Magic (Susan Britton-Whitcomb, JIST Publishing) and The Complete Job Search Guide for Latinos (Murray Mann, Barons Publishing) and has been interviewed for and/or quoted in various other books, numerous publications, talk shows, and Websites. Currently she is in the throes of authoring 23 Step-by-Step Resumes books covering all professions and positions.

As a credentialed career management expert and thought leader, Evelyn is one of the top Professional Resume Writers in the world. She is a former National Resume Writers’ Association Advertising and Public Relations Chair as well as its Eastern Regional Representative. Her award-winning resume and career products used worldwide by professional resume writers, career coaches, colleges and universities, the military, Departments of Labor, jobseekers, and others can be found at CareerCatapult.com.

Evelyn has been positioning careerists in the top 2 percent in their industry for 25 years. As such, her clients succeed a lot quicker and earn more than their average counterparts. She achieves this by identifying and defining their Personal Brands and leveraging it across all marketing platforms through marketing-savvy wordsmithing and design that compels hiring managers to seek them out over other candidates. This Book shows you step by step how to do this for yourself.

Evelyn is the founder of CreativeImageBuilders.com a personal and business-branding firm in Coram, NY, where she spearheads the development of visionary strategies and innovative solutions to meet her clients’ target audiences’ needs that help position businesses and individuals at the top. She develops self-promotional marketing materials that sell the product…you. Whether “you” are a business or an individual and whether your marketing communications are your resume or brochure, web portfolio or website, or LinkedIn or company profile.



AUTHOR’S EMAIL:  CareerCatapult@aol.com

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