"I just purchased your book on Step-by-Step Resumes. Excellent!"



Career Directions LLC
Enfield, CT

“A fabulous resource... Instructions on the ‘how’ are comprehensive, yet very easy for a novice or a more seasoned user to understand and follow. It certainly surpasses the value of other publications dealing with the same topic.”


Employment Services Manager

WorkSource Lynnwood

“ I recently purchased your book ‘Step-by-Step Resumes’ and consider it the best book on constructing resumes that I have seen.  It is an invaluable resource.  Thank you so much (and) thank you for the many things you have done for this industry and the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA).”


Advantage Resumes & Career Services, Maysville, NC

“Step-by-Step Resumes is instrumental in putting together a resume from ‘scratch.’ I like the section on achievements and the profession-specific worksheets that bring up those skills that some people just do not think about when looking for a job. This is right-on!”


Community Integration Specialist

PRIDE Industries


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STEP-BY-STEP RESUMES: Build an Outstanding Resume in 10 Easy Steps

(Generic Book for All Professions)


STEP-BY-STEP RESUMES is a complete how-to book that helps jobseekers surface to the top percentage of candidates called for interviews. The book leads you every step of the way to write your resume with the same results as a certified resume writer. (See for yourself.) And it is the easiest resume writing book to follow on the market!

Step-by-Step Resumes contains the tips, techniques, tools, and secrets that resume pros use. It explains exactly how to write a top-notch resume from scratch with easy instructions every step of the way...throughout the entire resume-building process. 

Create outstanding resumes with easy-to-complete worksheets, customizable Resume ClipBullets™, cover letter foundations, keyword lists, professional summary templates, personal assessment tools, resume design templates, and personal branding techniques.

This unique book—written for individual jobseekers and professional resume writers—cuts right to the chase! Instructions—provided where you need them when you are completing that section of the resume—are comprehensive but concise so you don’t have to wade through tons of books to get the clear information you need to craft a winning resume.

Everything is totally customizable and suitable for all professions—from entry-level graduates to top-level executives. And most importantly, this book shows you how to avoid the mistakes made by 98% of the general public when they prepare their own resumes so you can increase your interview odds and salary potential!

“Now you have the tools that professional resume writers have used for years!”


Cover Letter Magic, the Expert Resumes Series,
and many other career-related books

Step-by-Step Resumes Includes:

1,000 Keywords

2,700 Action Verbs

300 Descriptive Adverbs & Adjectives

150 Computer Skill Keywords

Bonus CD-ROM

Numerous Position
Titles, Keywords & 
Resume Bullets

As an HR professional in the field for more than 25 years,
I have seen many well-written resumes and writing guides in my time. Evelyn's unique and clever format that breaks down the resume writing process into that of a step-by-step system of
worksheets, questions, and resume bullets is goof-proof.

She magnanimously has given the lay person the "key-to-the-kingdom," allowing us to write resumes with the expertise and timely jargon that not only brands us, but sells us, shoulder-to-shoulder with the best candidates out there, giving us a real chance at being noticed for our worth.

I am enthusiastic about the many versions of the Step-by-Step Resumes book pertaining to all careers that will help jobseekers who are seeking the opportunity to advance to the top of the heap with Recruiters and scanners looking for key terms and phrases.

This book will not only position people to the top 2 percent in
their field, it will help the owners of the resume see themselves
in a way that allows them to ‘own their power.’”


Human Resources Director

“Evelyn created an amazing book, Step-by-Step Resumes,
that helps readers construct their resume the easiest way possible, with stunning results. The book has been very popular with readers, and we asked her to create a sequel for cover letters. Her attention to detail is astounding!”


Former Editor of JIST Publishing (Career Books)

“Following the step-by-step process makes writing a resume simple! What a wonderful tool to use when perfecting your resume. Evelyn Salvador has made writing a resume as easy as filling in a few blanks and checking off a few boxes...”


Co-op Coordinator / Business Teacher

Calhoun County Career Technical Center Jacksonville, AL

“Evelyn Salvador demystifies the writing process with clear instructions, industry-specific guided worksheets, and a cutting-edge computer CD that allows job seekers to create outstanding resumes... Step-by-Step Resumes is the most user-friendly resume book on the market.

“Ms. Salvador is a thought leader in the career management field. Her products have enhanced the capacity of professional resume writers and job seekers to produce superior career marketing documents. Salvador’s book fills a critical gap in the resume writing book genre. She has her finger on the pulse of the job seeker...walks her readers through each phase of the writing process (and) provides them with extensive hands-on tools that do not appear in other works.”


The Complete Job Search Guide for Latinos &  

Officer, National Resume Writers Association

“I bought a few different books at Barnes & Noble and yours
was by far the best. I really liked the worksheets. The book
gave me a lot of good ideas to complete my resume.”

JOHN BACON, Columbus, OH

Book Review on FirstLibrarian.blogspot.com

“The author, Evelyn Salvador, is a professional resume writer with (25) years of experience in the field. Her background is in advertising and preparing business copy.

“When it comes to resume writing, I'm a fan of worksheets. If you have a patron who is struggling with writing a resume, a book of samples is not going to cut it; always recommend a book that has samples and worksheets. Samples are for people who have completed their resume but are struggling with some formatting issues or who have never seen a resume before.

“This book, as well as the accompanying CD-ROM, is chock-full of them. For a person who is struggling with what to say in a resume and how to put their accomplishments into writing, a worksheet is one of the best methods. By using the templates on the disk, the reader could work through the exercises and then cut and paste their work into their resume. The templates can be reused when revising your resume to look for a new position.

…If you are struggling with writing a Highlights of Qualification section or a (Professional) Summary, this book has some of the best basic advice on writing these sections that I have ever found.”



“I have used Step-by-Step Resumes by Evelyn Salvador to produce my resume… I’m a very good Engineer but not so good at resume writing… I came to the book in despair. I have already used a resume service to update my resume. After (spending) $900 for the resume and six months of applying, I have received not one call or email. I realized that doing more (with my resume) would not make it better, just different. So I decided to rethink my drink. I went to Barnes & Noble and searched their Career Department. Most of the stuff on the shelves say the same things. Evelyn’s book spoke to me in a way that gave me hope. I know WHAT I need to do but her book tells HOW to do it. In steps. And that appeals to an Engineer… I have started from scratch with Evelyn’s book. The CD was a huge help because that saved me having to write and rewrite. I just typed, edited, then cut and pasted. Sweet.”

  PAUL FLORRES, Electrical Engineer, Savage, MN

    VIEW Resume Paul Prepared Using this Book

“I have the materials that others have created and your book is worth ten times the price, while too many times other career products aren't worth the price of a newspaper. You truly are a gifted person that creates self-help products that help people like me get back to work.  There are so many (resume) books out there that once you bring them home, you find you wasted your money.  Your Step-by-Step Resumes book is the best book I've seen and I've looked at them all! 

Your resource really adds value and is the best of the best. This whole book—the way you have schemed out how to put a resume together—is absolutely fantastic! It is accomplishment based, and one's achievements are what (hiring managers) buy. If I were you I would be especially fulfilled that my efforts were helping so many people…Thank you for such great resources for my job search.”

PAUL GREENE, Controller, Texas




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